Momma acting like I’m sneaking around, like I stay after to try to see a boy. I have school, crew, and badminton tf I look like trying to talk to someone


I am the sea and nobody owns me
I belong to myself
I am the sky and I am mine
I am mine

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if I didn’t have my shitty sense of humour, I would have nothing to live on 


if you can’t beat them, dress better than them

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my uncle judging Jehovah’s witnesses so hard

Regarding my ACT post, let me use a lot less words

I just don’t get why people are freaking out as much as they are


"you are what you eat" i don’t remember eating a huge disappointment

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ACT tomorrow and I’m not even freaking out 😒
I know it’s important and helps with college, but i think it’s overhyped. It’s not the only thing that helps you get into a good college, it’s grades too. Some colleges don’t even look at the ACT scores.
I care and I’m gonna try, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not gonna freak out. We’ve had practice tests, there were classes to help us out. I know what I can get, I know it’s good enough, and I know if I try just a little more my score could get bumped> Shit, some people got a higher score than me on the practice tests WITHOUT taking classes, I don’t see why they’re all going ballistic. Cuz it’ll count this time? Just relax. Freaking out isn’t going to help. And if they don’t get the score they wanted/needed they can retake it.